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Tim Henderson | Creative Director

Tim started his career as a professional photographer in London at the age of 16, he soon started to appreciate

the importance of lighting; learning that altering light impacted both the photograph and the viewer in

powerful ways. After 3 years of creatively exploring light, Tim knew that he had to focus on lighting

design, and began freelancing at the groundbreaking creative lighting studio, SKK.

After a year of intense education, he decided to start his own lighting company, Electrolite, which grew

to become one of the leading specialist design and manufacturing studios in the 80s. They successfully

delivered many corporate office, hotel and large shopping centre projects globally, along with a growing

high-end residential portfolio. In the early 90s, he joined forces with a small lighting consultancy and formed

The Light Corporation, which he ran until 2018. This evolved into one of the largest hospitality sector

lighting design and manufacturing companies in the UK. With success comes tribulations and Tim knew

that it was time to move forward. He felt that he had lost touch with his core values of delivering exemplary

service and bespoke designs, and he was inspired to start a new design consultancy; full of creative freedom

and bold confidence in their abilities.

Now with over 35 years of experience, Tim is surrounding himself with incredibly talented designers of the

younger generation, confident in their excellent technical and creative abilities. This is his swan song,

to deliver the very best projects as his legacy to the world of design.

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