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Design Consultancy

Lighting can make or break a project: no matter how perfectly crafted the architecture or beautifully devised the interior is; lighting is an emotive medium that is both a necessity and artform which when mastered, produces exceptional results and elevates a project.

As lighting consultants, an overview of our role is to work with the professional team – architects, interior designs and other consultants – to produce a concept lighting scheme. This is then developed to include detailed schematic information, technical specifications and costings to enable the client and professional team to progress with tendering and construction.

We then evolve into a project management role and will support the team with consistent design and technical assistance both onsite and remotely before finally progressing to a handover stage where the final finishing touches and programming completes the project.


How We Work

  1. Concept Design
    Following free issue of architectural site plans and other supporting design documentation we will design and collate a concept scheme comprising sketches, hand-marked drawings and image presentations for discussion with the design team.


  2. Developed Design
    Review design guideline and regulations and commence production of a developed scheme design with associated specifications and budget costings.


  3. Technical Design
    Final production of lighting drawings, circuitry and full specification of luminaires and associated equipment. Final costings also provided for ordering.


  4. Construction & Contract Administration
    Provision of consistent design and technical support to the professional team onsite and offsite.


  5. Focusing & Programming
    Site attendance to complete the lighting installation including final positioning and adjustment of technical and decorative lighting. Commissioning of control equipment (if provided) and day/ night-time scene setting.


  6. Handover
    Attendance of client handover including O&M demonstration.

Please contact us for a detailed proposal tailored to you and your project.

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