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Product Procurement

We offer a turnkey service. Who better to supply everything required for the project than the people who designed it.

We are completely independent from any manufacturers so are free to specify the best product for the purpose and our industry inside knowledge puts us in the best position to procure and manage the supply to installation.

Our in-house workshop means we can modify and adapt off-the-shelf fittings to suit installation requirements or design flair and our dedicated delivery service ensures safe and timely arrival to site. 

An experienced, dedicated point of contact - project coordinator - will handle all things connected to your project: from importing one-off pieces from anywhere in the world to sourcing the latest designer fittings.


Deliveries will be dovetailed with construction requirements often operating in a just-in-time fashion. Why risk storing high value, often fragile fittings onsite when we can take care of them until the moment they are needed.


Please contact us for advice or assistance.    

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