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Matt Parker | Managing Director

As an engineer and designer Matt’s understanding of how light works from a physical level to an emotive one kick started his career in the live event industry. This allowed him to experiment in how the slightest changes in lighting can transform any space. Matt identified his talent embarking on studying Lighting Design & Technology gaining him an acclaimed first class BSc Honours degree. It is this edge that sets Matt apart from many lighting designers - whilst the effect of light can be experienced by all there is a science to be understood about the way light behaves, how it is perceived and the technology around it.

Matt continued to create international experiential events, working for brands such as BMW, Vodafone

and latterly at the London Olympics. Operating within these highly pressurised environments provided

a strong foundation upon which Matt could further his career when he took the plunge into architectural

lighting design. Entering into this industry opened his eyes to the possibilities of introducing his

experience in entertainment lighting to the otherwise muted world of restaurant and bar design.

His technical skill and fresh creativity was instantly put to work designing for high-street brand

restaurants, boutique hotels and complex multi-function venues. His first project won its category in the

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

Quickly growing within the company he was soon leading the hospitality division developing his project

management and leadership skills. Career highlights include pioneering a green design programme for a large

brewery company rolling out over 400 sites nationwide and co-designing the refurbishment for a UNESCO World Heritage site in Barcelona, Spain. 

As co-founder and MD of Atelier Lighting Matt has grown the operational aspect of the business to form an efficient and smooth running machine to ensure the studio’s core focus can remain on creative design. Whilst his passion remains deep-rooted in lighting design, his leadership and management skills have been invaluable for the company and his unwavering ambition to offer only the best service continues to secure the future of Atelier Lighting.

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